More energy-efficient valves for the power industry

Vexve Armatury Group provides the power industry with valves that meet the demanding industrial and safety requirements and ensure the reliability of operations. Our valves are most commonly used in power, heating and hydro plants by various end customers. We manufacture the valves according to the exact client specifications while taking into account all the required legislative regulations. In addition to customized valves, we are developing new, more energy-efficient valve product lines that also support the transition into a low-carbon future. We want to be the leader in our field providing high quality valves and comprehensive valve lifecycle services.


ARMATURY Group & Vexve

Main products:

Gate valves, extraction check valves, butterfly valves and globe valves


Power and heating plants

Product highlights

Gate valves

A universal type of valve for various applications and working mediums, usable for a wide range of temperatures and pressures (from PN 2 all the way up to PN 630), ensures the safe closing of the flowing medium.

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Extraction and other check valves

Special valves designed to prevent backflow of the working medium in the extraction pipeline at steam turbines and are an essential part of any extraction and bleeding lines.

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Butterfly valves

Highly compact, almost maintenance-free valves that ensure closing of the flowing medium even in the largest (over DN 4000) pipe dimension. Also, serve as turbine inlet valves and/or safety valves.

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Globe valves

Globe valves are the most optimal valves to be used in the most difficult energy operations for the highest parameters of temperatures and pressures for both closing and regulation of the flowing medium.

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Ball valves

Extensive ball valve portfolio designed to serve even the most demanding customer needs such as valves that can stand a velocity of 20m/s where ordinary valves would face severe cavitation.

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