Iron & steel

Towards a greener iron and steel industry

Vexve Armatury Group provides specially designed valves for the iron and steel industry all over the world. We have gained our strong know-how in designing and producing metallurgical valves through experience and extensive research. Through continuous development of new, greener products, we want to help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Working in close co-operation with our customers we provide them with high-quality valves, reliable service, and technical consulting as an integral part of our operations.



Main products:

Hot-blast valves, butterfly valves (centric, double- and triple-eccentric), 2- and 3-lever valves, goggle valves and safety and control valves


Iron and steel industry

Product highlights

Hot blast valves

Shut-off valves used in the hot blast main at the stoves (Cowpers) of the blast furnace up to an operating temperature of 1600 °C

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2- and 3-lever valves

Lever valves for gaseous media are used in combustion air, gas and flue gas mains.

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Goggle valves

Environmentally friendly (enclosed type – with bonnets) goggle valves for gaseous media to safely shut-off the flow of working media. Used in mains at blast furnaces, converter-, coke ovens or for mixed gas.

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Safety valves

Self-acting shut-off butterfly valve for gaseous media that acts as a safety valve for immediate closing/opening with closing/closing time less than 3 seconds.

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