District energy

We enable the wider use of district energy

Vexve Armatury Group is the globally leading supplier of valve solutions developed for demanding heating and cooling applications. We offer a wide range of smart valve and control solutions for district energy networks and internal heating and cooling systems of buildings. The high-quality and long-lasting products help our customers to achieve their energy efficiency goals and enable the wider use of renewable energy sources via district energy. Through our operations, we advance the transfer to the low-carbon district energy networks of the future and develop the entire industry into a more environmentally friendly direction globally.


Vexve, Naval & Hydrox

Main products:

Steel and stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, smart network control and monitoring solutions


District heating and cooling networks, HVAC/R systems

Product highlights

Trunnion mounted ball valves

Trunnion mounted ball valve series is specifically designed for above ground and underground installations to operate reliably even in the most demanding conditions.

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Butterfly valves

The high-performance triple offset butterfly valves are the optimal solution for shut-off and control duty in heating and cooling applications in distribution networks and pumping stations.

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A complete valve series (DN 10-50) designed for the optimal shut-off and balancing of both district energy networks and heating and cooling networks in buildings.

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iSENSE product family

Smart monitoring solutions help to improve network efficiency, provides tools for condition monitoring, and enables fast leakage detection of underground district heating and cooling networks.

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Hydraulic control solutions are specifically designed for underground district heating and cooling networks to operate the valves either on-site or remotely.

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